Plugin Development

In every wordpress site you’ll created there is always a time you will be needing to create a Custom Functionality.
Your in for a treat, Let start our “How to create a wordpress plugin” tutorial:

Firstly, What Are WordPress Plugins? and Why do we need them?

Well, most of the functionality in wordpress are free so why the heck do we need still to create another plugin,
Yes! I agree with you on that. As per writing there are more than 40 thousands plugin circulating around the net. (image!)

But deep within our curiosity mind we still want to publish and create our own plugin and see it works on your site.

In every website i develop, I always start to create my own plugin. Before updating the pages and setting, I see to it to create a personalize functions.php through plugin.

Yup, I don’t directly insert codes to the functions.php, I create a simple plugin which is hooking to the functions.php.